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Application Security
by Marcin Zelent

I have chosen application security as the topic that I want to learn more about. Application security is an umbrella term for all of the measures that need to be taken in order to make a secure application. That means finding, fixing and preventing security vulnerabilities. ... During my research, I am going to delve deeper into the subject of application security, its meaning, principles, importance in the modern software development, as well as practical implementation. ...

Man-in-the-Middle Attack on the Link Layer
by Paulius Klezys

In this synopsis, I will be thoroughly explaining how Man-in-the-Middle attack, on the Data link layer of OSI model, works. My target will be my own Access point – my Wi-Fi router. To perform the attack, I will also need machine running Kali Linux and a special network card. I will be using Alfa AWUSO36NH network card. ...

The use of blockchain in decentralized applications
by Jakub Kriz

This document will describe what the blockchain is, and present how it can be implemented for different types of use cases. Existing systems using blockchain such as Bitcoin or Ethereum will be examined with broader context of how these systems work. The usefulness of blockchain will be presented, as well as limitation of current systems which use it. ...

Intrusion Detection/Prevention Systems [Danish]
Af Morten B. Johannsen

Med denne rapport forsøger jeg at forklare hvad Intrusion Detection & Prevention Systemer er og gør. Jeg starter med at fastlægge de principper som IDPS systemer bygger på, da det er vigtigt for at forstå IDPS systemer i praksis. Anden del af rapporten er en faktisk opsætning og afprøvning af et funktionelt IPS system. IPS kan forhindre uønsket trafik i at komme ind på ens netværk ved brug af forskellige metoder til opdagelse af signaturer, trafikmønstre og regler for normal brug af protokoller. IPS er med til at højne sikkerheden på ens infrastruktur, men en IPS kun ét lag ud af mange hvis man søger at sikre sit netværk, kritiske IT-systemer og ressourcer. ...

by Mads Kjelin Morsing

Whistleblowing problem definition
What exactly is a whistleblower, and which responsibilities does it entail? What are the moral responsibilities of organizations and whistleblowers? Which rights and forms of protection does a whistleblower have? How big a role does the press matter, and what are their incentives? How much of a difference have whistleblowers made in our society? ...

Firewall and Fortinet security devices
by Jashmin Shrestha

A firewall is a network security system, which is based on hardware or software that controls incoming and outgoing network traffic based on a set of rules. They sift through the data flow and block that which they deem (based on how and for what you have tuned the firewall) harmful to our network or computer system. ...

How Quantum Mechanics can be used in modern cryptography
by Mads Krogsgaard Quist

During the course of our Security elective, I have been increasingly interested in cryptography. As a part of this, I have been learning and reading more about encryption and keeping data secure. What really sparked my interest were news articles about Quantum Key Distribution, and how that would improve on One Time Pad usage in encryption. In these times with increased surveillance (Big Brother, Echelon, Anonymous and so on) how can we protect our own data and how can countries protect against hackers that exploit the data the government have about all citizens? Having a closed network would be a solution, but often there is a need to send the data from one branch of office to another. ...

Antiviruses and Viruses
by Claudiu Cuciurean

I chose “Antiviruses and Viruses” as my topic for the synopsis because I think Cybersecurity is one of the most crucial subjects that most people neglect when thinking of a computer. Although my subject doesn’t cover all the methods somebody can attack a computer, I chose to talk about “Antiviruses and Viruses” because I believe it’s of the utmost importance for anybody to know how to deal with the most basic type of threat: viruses. ...

Personal Data
by Ali Yigit

Personal data is something we should all be concerned about; It can be all sorts of information that is in someway related to us directly or indirectly. With the number of users of the internet and devices connected has increased, followed up with an enormous amount of available services to use, the data available for, for example research, marketing and also misuse has too. With all the services we now have available on the internet, we are today revealing all kinds of information and sometimes it is something which we wouldn’t necessarily do intentionally or freely if it were in a physical situation, we simply sometimes just don’t know that we are revealing something. ...